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Our selection of foods varies seasonally, so visit the market this Friday to find out what our cooks have been making this week!  Below are some examples of what you might expect to find.

*Orders now being taken for personalised iced birthday cakes*

*Wheat-free products available most weeks (or can be ordered)*

What's New
Cakes, biscuits and scones

Cakes and Pastries

On a typical week you can find:

  • Victoria sponges,

  • Fairy cakes,

  • Fruit cakes of all varieties,

  • Lemon Drizzle and other cake 'loaves',

  • Scones,

  • Shortbreads and Tiffin,

  • Flapjacks and rock cakes,

  • Biscuits,

  • Meringues (large and small),

  • A variety of puddings

             ...and much, much more.


On a typical week you can find:

  • Artisan Breads and savoury scones,

  • Chicken and Beef pies,

  • Beef Lasagne and Cottage Pie,

  • Fish pies,

  • Soups,

  • Pate,

  • Quiche and Savoury tarts,

  • Sausage rolls and Scotch Eggs,

  • Pizza,

  • Oriental food,

  • Indian Cuisine,

             ...and much, much more.

Jams at Bentley heath Country Market

Jams and Chutneys

A large selection of:

  • Marmalades,

  • Honey,

  • Jams,

  • Lemon Curd,

  • Chutney,

  • Pickles.

Fruit Cordials are also available seasonally.

Can't make it early on Friday?  Want food for a special occasion or for a special diet?  Place an order by phone or e-mail

  • All our food is freshly produced in domestic kitchens registered with the local authority and made by experienced cooks who have food safety certificates.

  • The foods we make do not contain additives such as artificial food colourings, flavourings or preservatives and the cooks use the best local ingredients when ever possible.

  • None of the food has been frozen prior to sale, so can be frozen at home if required.

  • Allergens are highlighted on our packaging but producers are always happy to advise

Do you love to cook or bake?  Join Us

Find more examples of our cook's products:



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