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We sell a selection of different plants (indoor and outdoor) and seasonal fruit and vegetables.  Visit the market this Friday to see what is currently on offer!

Hardy perennials, summer annuals, houseplant arrangements, beautiful flower bouquets....

A selection of locally grown fruits, vegetables and salads are in season too!

What's New

Flowering Annuals, bushy perennials and super succulents

plants for sale at Bentley heath Country Market Aug 2016


Succulents and cacti are avaliable all year round while annual flowering plants (geraniums, fuchsias...) and a wide selection of fruit and vegetable plants are on sale only in the spring/early summer. 


We also stock perennials, herbs, wild flowers and more...

Ask our growers on a Friday for expert advice before you buy!

Cut flowers

A beautiful selection of bouquets, posies and flower arrangements, all made using locally-grown blooms.

Want flowers for a
special occasion?  
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Cut flowers for sale at Bentley Heath Country Market Aug 2016


Fresh free-range eggs, laid locally, are available every week, along with a seasonal selection of fruit and vegetables.

Get there early on Friday to ensure you don't miss out!

Do you have green fingers?  Join Us

Find more examples of our grower's produce:



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